Roy55's Guru's Award of Excellence

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Roy's Award for Excellence in Homepage Design

Sir Gallant's Excellence in Website Design Award

Balihi's Treasure Chest Award

Gibbs' Gallery Rose of Friendship Award

Gibbs' Gallery Bloom of Excellence Award

Jack's Possum of Perfection Award

Nina Baker's (Gypsy) Misty Blue Mountain Award

Jim Kirk-White's DUKE of URL Award

Bill Darling's Critical Mass Award

Lloyd's Home for Site Excellence

Shirley's Serene Beauty Award

Peach Pearls' Award

ReyjaS's Cat Award

Spotlight Award of Excellence

The Bon Bon Lasting Impressions Award

Libby's Ultimate Homepage Award

The Darkling Bard Page Excellence Award

The Ice Princess Cool Site Award

The Ice Princess Excellence in HTML Award

The Eternal Dreamer Award (especially for Tommy's page)

The Inner Dreaming Award

Tyshee's Dacha 1999 Golden Friendship Award

Wally & Dale Snipes' Big Fish Award

Mony's Place Excellent Site Award

Mony's For An Outstanding Dolphin Page Award

Mony's Angelic Site Award

Mony's Award for Excellence

Wings' Beauty Award for Beautiful Homepages

Lone Star Award of Excellence

Live Poets' Society Award for Original Composition

Heartbeat's One & Two - 50's & 60's Groovy Site Award

OTAKOU (New Zealand) Creative Design Award

Erik's Award for Excellence Web

Black Scorpion's Award for Excellence

Ocean's World Best of The Web Award

The Ecstazy Award

Confederate States of America Award

Ghost Towns USA "Rare Find" Award

Keltic's Award of Excellence

Whispers of Love Romantic Site Award

Outstanding Achievement Award from Keltic 0969

Tattoo & Star's Beautiful Site Award

Peter's Corner Award of Beauty

Wishing Well Award of Excellence

Peter Leach's Cracking Good Site Award

'Ole Narc's Award for Excellence in Web Design

Rosie Hardman's Special Thank You

Lagoon View Yacht Club
Beautiful Site Award & Award of Excellence

Buffalo Annie's Gift

A Place In The Sun

Jack A. Neal Appreciation Award

Claudia's Toy Poodles


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