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Avoid embarrassment when attempting Hawaiian with the List of Common Mispronunciations

All kinds of goodies for 50+ folks (or anyone)

So you wanna be a know-it all...the how-to emporium

Napster - Every Song You Want

Want to be enlightened at how stuff works?

Want to know your emotional color? This site has about any personality quiz you can imagine.

Enjoy documents unearthed by snoops at The Smoking Gun

The Internet service provider runs a free test on its site so you can check the speed of your own connection

Take the Internet Addiction Test

Official Website of the British Monarchy


Compute your chances with your sweetie (Love Calculator)

Want to read what the Web knows about you, or anyone else you can name?

Anagram Genius can deliver an anagram created out of virtually any name you type in

E-MAIL or Look Up RECIPES for Yourself & Friends

Restaurant Row Recipe File

Hutch in Alaska (great comet photography)

Our Nemesis in Hawaii, DA COCKROACH!

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