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Virtual Greeting Cards, Postcards and Miscellaneous Gifts

I've always felt that it is more blessed to give than to receive! In the spirit of "aloha" I hope to add a bunch of links...so that, whatever the occasion...and however you feel, the perfect E-card or gift is only a click away! As always, I would appreciate any input you might have on a new and exciting place from which to send the "perfect" E-card or gift!!! I find it fun just to visit all these neat places!
Send a Free POSTCARD from HAWAII

Send a Virtual KISS Cards and More Cards!!! (Great Page)

The Park for Fun & Gifts

Gestures, Animated Greeting Cards

Send a Bluemountain ANIMATED GREETING CARD to a Friend

Send a Friend an AWESOME CARD

Send a Friend a Special POSTCARD

Send a Friend some Virtual Flowers

Send a Friend a Musical Greeting Card

Send a Friend a Cyber-Sandwich

Send a Friend a Hallmark E-Greeting Card

Send a Friend Virtual Flowers, Cards (with songs)

Send a Friend a Musical/Animated Greeting Card

Send a Friend a Ping Card

Send a Friend a Self-designed Cyber-Cheer Card

Send a Friend a Spitfire Grill Card (or a cookie recipe) from the Spitfire Grill

Send a Friend a Card from the World of Cards

Send a Friend a Beer

Send a Friend an EnviroCard

Send a Friend a Card from the House of Cards

Send a Friend a card from Pink Box

Send a Friend a Passionate Postcard

Build A Card for All Occasions

The Internet Postcard Shop

Send a Friend some Chocolates

Send a Postcard from Beringer Winery

Send a Friend some Flowers from Cyberpark

Send a Friend a Blueberry Card

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