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ALOHA to all who visit me ~

I am brand new to the WEB as of 5/1/96. I call my homepage EwaNevaland (pronounced "evah-nevah-land". Here in the Hawaiian Islands, we seldom use North, South, East or West to describe directions. Because the Hawaiian Island Chain is pretty much diagonal, the N/S/E/W directions don't really apply. We use words like "makai" (ocean), "mauka" (mountains), Diamond Head, leeward, windward , "ewa" (west of Honolulu), and so forth. Of course "ewa" also means crooked, out of shape, imperfect! *ha ha ha* I've used the phraseology that, while everyone else (including my neighbors) lives in Ewa Beach, I live in "Ewa Nevaland" ... and you cain't hardly get here from there.

(If you would like to know more about where I live, I invite you to surf
The Hawaii Visitors Bureau for all kinds of information on Hawaii and Oahu (where I reside). For the latest headlines, I have linked a couple of our local television stations, KHON TV (NBC)> and KGMB (CBS). Both have lots of good information for the locals and anyone interested in Hawaii. You'll find some fun and intresting links, too! Prehaps you'd like to visit our wonderful islands? Well, I just located this great site, Travelzoo. If you're interested in checking out the classified advertising, try browsing through The Honolulu Advertiser. Another neat place is Planet Hawaii.

Last, but not least, my son's girlfriend, Susan Weisbrod, is a critic with
Sunny Hawaii and this is definitely a site well worth visiting. You can check on everything from hotel rates to activities you would like to participate in when visiting Hawaii. This is a site for, not only the tourists, but for our locals (kamainas)! Just tell 'em HawaiianI sent you!

Take a look at some of the Hawaii cams:

Waikiki Beach
All Traffic Cams

If you would like to know what your
name is in Hawaiian or to check out the Hawaiian Dictionary online or Internet Island, to explore all kinds of different things here in Paradise, just a click will take you there!

Perhaps you'd like to take a
Hawaiian Virtual Trip plus more neat information on Hawaii. Virtually Hawaii is one of several Internet projects funded by NASA's Information Infrastructure Technology and Applications (IITA) program, which is part of the High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) initiative. Virtually Hawaii is run through the Hawaii Space Grant Consortium, UH Manoa.

In case you want to track any
tropical storms and hurricanes this is the place to go!

I've just (10/11/98) awarded one of my Crystal Dolphin Awards to a great site which gives a multitude of information regarding our beautiful islands,
Pacific Ocean, Where the Adventure is Just Beginning. It's definitely worth taking the time to surf there if you want even more information regarding our beautiful islands.

I'm just beginning to compile my collection of
ANGELS and it will be growing steadily, so please bookmark for future visits! Several of my chatfriends have contributed to my "collection" and I want to thank them for sharing. I hope to make this a very special compilation in memory of my fiance, Thomas L. Moffitt, who died November 20, 1996. I created a special valentine for him for 1998. The border design was from a card my daughter, Shawn, painted for me for Valentine's Day and the quotation was from the card given me by my son, Kelly.

If you want to hear a pretty song, see a frog and look at my
Xmas card for 1997 you can also pick up a nice purse/wallet blessing card by printing the page and clipping out the card. I always seem to find some spare cash and my wallet has never been empty since I started carrying my "blessing card".

Please bear with me, visit often to see how I progress as a "newbie" in the world of cyberspace. Future plans include adding favorite links to special places and people, poetry, art, photographs, and information I would like to share with you. Each day is a new and wonderful experience and I am thoroughly enjoying the delight of it all.

You can usually find me in the
WBS 50+ Chatroom where I have met many endearing (and irritating) people, just like the real world, and from all over the world! There are those to whom I have become very attached. I invite you to check it out to see for yourself (no matter how old/young you are)!

I've just begun helping with the Mentoring program and did design the page layouts for
The 50+ Friends Club , Le Chefs Column and the 50+ Friends Club new Joke Column called C.H.A.O.S. (Comedy, Humor AND Other Stuff. This was a lot of fun and both Julian and Nina are quite talented chefs and Rick Marshall (Redactor) is one helluva writer. The 50+ Friends Club Homepage is chock full of great information and articles so please visit there whenever possible.

I also plan to add some recipes from the
EwaNevaland Cookbook I published a couple of years ago. If you have a favorite recipe, please email it to me!

Also, I invite you to read my ONE and only
"love story" which was written by candlelight one evening a few years ago! Nothing like a beautiful night by the ocean and watching the stars in Hawaii to start my pen going!

I've "dabbled" in songwriting, so if you'd like to see some of the
lyrics to these songs, please feel free.

Wandering the web, I discovered a treasure chest of Hawaiian midi files, so I invite you to fix yourself a refreshing beverage and share my
HawaiianI EwaNevaland Hideaway with me.

I know that this page is long and hope to modify it for quicker loading as soon as I fully comprehend the grasp of all this HTML stuff. Whewww!!! It's a never-ending battle and I love the challenge...so bear with me, please!

Now that I have moved in, I shall be redecorating as I go along...a button here, a photo there. At least I have made the first step on my journey...

Here is a sample of something I wrote a year ago (boy have times changed since the WEB)... If you would like to view other
POETRY & PROSE which has been written by me, by friends of mine or just some of my favorites, please take a few minutes to browse my humble collection! I've scanned some of my paintings and added them, or graphics, and thrown in a little music. It's being constantly updated and if you have any contributions, I would be delighted to consider incorporating them here in my little spot in cyberspace!

Photo of my beach


Before nightfall
When a million stars appear
And a myriad of wishes descend upon me
I contemplate the "aloneness" of life...

Easy to do, with the tide edging closer
With each wave insinuating itself nearer my feet
And lights appearing along the shore
But already twinkling like another million stars
in the city on the horizon...

Ah, to be on a boat and chasing the elusive sunset
Not for me, I fear,
... not at this time in my life.

Rooted to an island, safe and secure is my fate
-- and well-chosen, I know.
Unlike the crab, moving sidewards to a new
domicile in the sand, I am home!...

I have no need of a love to detract from my loving.
Occasionally, the desire to hold someone
and share the moment overcomes me
-- and I despair ...but only for an instant!...

And, as though the wanting were an unwelcome pest,
I shake my head, brush the sand from my feet...
clear my heart ...and realize it's not to be.....


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MAHALO for dropping in and I'm so glad you came... Aloha oe!!! HILLARY 

© 1996 hillary@unforgettable.com

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