Free Stuff

Free Stuff:  I'm just beginning to create groups of goodies to offer for your use.  Please check back often for updates.  



Go ahead.......take all of this crap that I've made.  It's yours!  Claim it as your own, sell it, barter it, trade it for other graphics that your friends have stolen -- advertise it on EBay. Heck, you can even change the colors and sizes.... can even change the file format; I don't care!  Email your friends and show them your "latest creations", amaze your family (especially your kids who are learning how to steal at a tender age, but not your husband/significant other who is entirely too busy stalking that 20 year old bimbo in the "20 Something But Acting Like 15" chat room) with your "God-given talents" in PhotoImpact. Make a portfolio to take with you when you apply for that new Graphics Artist job at NBC, post them in every graphics newsgroup on the net and every graphics bulletin board. Post daily in your blog that you are the new "Graphics Guru" on the block and are awaiting notification that you have been approved for membership in every digital diva-type webring, but most of all, enjoy them while you can. CARPE GRAPHICS



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