To Kenny Loggins (from the lady who did your portraits)...

... That I've explored every inch of your face with all my senses and felt your soul?

... That I've caressed your cheeks with the softest,
most gentle touch I've ever/never known...
(yet I know you felt nothing!)

... That I've dealt with your eyes
'til my own refused to see
(and know your face ...and what
hairs are out of place).



... That I've listened to you when
I seldom hear what others say.

... That you've helped make me feel I'm special in oh, so many ways.

... That you've made lonely hours become a thing of the past -- never to return -- as long as
you're near.

...and I can see and hear --
just that small part of you
I'm lucky enough
to have experienced.

... That I don't know if I could "handle"
if we really ever got together!
(I'm so afraid of exposing the
"inside of "ME".)

... That you'll never, never know me
Though you've touched ALL OF ME
with just your voice.
How Nice!

... That you don't even know I'm not a "groupie" ...
God knows I've never followed the
pack of panting fans.

BUT ~ (Mr. Music Man), in your case,
I'll make an exception!


... That there are those who'll never
get as close to me as you have ~
Because you ask nothing but for me to "listen" to your song.

... That it feels so safe loving you ~ like loving God
(A friend in times of good and bad).

We never appreciate the truly fine things we've had...
'til we stop our tears and hurt,
bein' glad we're still here.

... That I see the boy in you
-- and the man you're yet to be...
(Don't blame me for being able to see.)

I hear the voice you use to send your thoughts to me,
smell the roses ... and hear the violins...

As I listen (and paint),
I taste the sweet, ripe, young 
wine ...
BUT, in a crystal, vintage glass.

Please, please don't ask!


Written 6/12/83
Copyright 1997 - Hillary Sadur



The above sketch was done by my beautiful daughter, Shawn, in 1983 ~ and who first introduced me to the music of this multi-talented singer, songwriter, musician.   Thank you for sharing, Shawn.

I would also like to thank Kenny Loggins for the autographing of two of my paintings of him and, of course, for his beautiful music!

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