My Prayer

May my last hope be for you!
... the last tear I shed ~
all the thoughts in my head ...

Remembering vows that we have said
~ may they all come true ~

Because all I want is to be with you.

If, by chance, God deems it so...
... that we should part before we know --
all the ecstasy of you and me

it's important that you see
the heart inside of me ~
all the songs left unplayed
all the promises that we made

... they're forever in this soul,
for, without you, I wasn't whole

You brought me back to life
A husband and a wife.

... Though our journey in this life ends
Yet another soul's exploration begins.

Hold my hand ~
We'll soar the skies

And those who doubt us now, will surmise...
... That we were not a mere fantasy

We were "created" ~
We were "destiny"

So, my love, I'll join you -- I swear
Just like you -- in "forever" waiting there

Please... greet me with a smile,
then say "Well, it's been a while ...
I'm so glad to see you "home!"

1997 EwaNevaland Creations

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