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It's raining..
...as the tears run down my face ~
I'm not complaining,
it's just that he's so hard to erase.

Others try placebos...
Tell me time will heal my pain.
Will there be enough days left for me, I ask,
as I sadly watch the rain.
Goodbye to love is so hard for my heart
I thought we'd have "time" before we would part!

Forgive me, my friends,
if my smiles seem fake
I no longer want to be alone when I awake.

He challenged my soul
and was all that I dreamed...
More than a lover, a "soulmate" it seemed.

Don't worry about me ~ I shall survive
It's just that, without him, I am half-alive!

Stormy the day and tearful each night
Til we're together in God's holy light.

January 3, 1997

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