(Excerpts from LOVE TWIST ME CRUEL)

Your face haunts my dreams,
you alone, how my heart screams
for the joy of your touch, let me
escape into your arms one more time,
feel the rush of passion. I will let your love
wield my heart like saber or dagger.
Cut deep and bold, but softness fall. Let my whisper
brush the tearful eye hold you close and let you cry.
For when the lonely find each other, if they miss the mark,
angels' feathers fall and then, on bruised and battered wing,
they must carry on.

Once, for all the times I was correct
and convinced otherwise.
Twice for the moments when I was alone,
and didn't have to be.
Thrice for the taste of
her lips, only to awaken in the
shadow of my pillow
with the telltale sign of my memories,
noticed only the stain of my tears.


There are times when
raw passion burst into
flames and you
touch my inner heart.
The place I protect the most.
Your kisses fan the flames
but it is your arms around me
that make me safe and complete.
Still, as you pour over my body.
I no longer want to be safe.
I want to be deep inside
touching your soul.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The first time I saw you,
you walked into the room, unaware
of what you were doing to those around you.
Then you looked up and saw my eyes.
Nothing was ever the same for me,
from that moment on.

Grateful thanks to H. R. Chapman (Waken)

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