A Plea From God

I'll shed more tears for you, my children
More days and nights of pain
My Tears will turn inside out
To make rainbows out of rain.

Don't despair or doubt me
My word is good you know
Believe in Divine Order
And I'll comfort you -- it's so.

Don't wander aimlessly
Or doubt that I exist
Show mercy to your enemies
And you shall be blessed.

Your burdens may be heavy
You'll think your tears will never cease
Please, believe in ME with all your heart
And you'll once again find peace.

Your towers, they may tumble
And fire may light the sky
I know it's hard for you to remain humble
When all I hear is a mournful cry.

Anger will rise and hate surprise
The heros and mellowest of souls
Concentrate on glad things -- not the sad things
And you'll once again feel whole.

Hillary Sadur - For 9/11

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