For a while
Every breath I took,
Every thought I thought
... and every feeling I felt
      was of YOU! that you're gone
It makes me feel guilty to
    take a breath
(knowing how hard it was for you
      to even breathe!) that you're gone,
I still feel you with me.

Nothing's changed, my dearest
     love of my life
Except the empty chasm that
    separates us (NOW more than countries
    ~ more than continents).

How easy it would be for me to
     "cross over" to be with you
Perhaps I'll be there soon to surprise you!

'Till then, I throw these thoughts on paper
... and fling them into cyberspace
To be read only by those who
       need to know how much I love you!

If I weren't sure your spirit...
   steady, true and loving
Wasn't "here" to guide me ~
I'd be lost, without a "clue"!

Thank you, my beloved "explorer",
     for "staying" with me ~

I'll try to do "my part" in
     God's "Holy Plan"
So that I'll get that "free pass"
     into Heaven with you!

Perhaps!!! (???)  Next LIFETIME!

			(for Tommy)
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