"For The Men and Women of Law Enforcement"

The sun is gone, and night descends
across the land.
From somewhere in the darkness
there extends an evil hand.

The sun is gone, and peaceful
families sleep.
From somewhere in the darkness
the evils rise to speak.

Yet, though the sun is gone, the
silence will prevail.
For someone stands and watches,
giving evil no avail.

The sun is now returning, and
families end their sleep.
Never giving any thoughts to the
safety of their keep.

Somewhere in the darkness, a
quiet figure stood.
A person never lauded for
turning evil into good.

Without the praise and glory,
their job is to insure -
Your silence isn't broken -
that your safety will endure.

With each and every night, and
each and every day -
These unselfish guards of
freedom place themselves in evil's way.

They risk their lives,
their families dread -
So laws you keep abiding, will
keep you safe in bed.

Tonight, before you close your eyes
and finally fall asleep -
Say a silent prayer for them, who
stand and guard your sleep.

Ask God to bless and keep them,
and, too, their families well.
While they patrol the darkness,
sending evil back to hell.

And when you look upon their
badge, do not turn yourself away.
Instead, extend a thoughtful hand
to show you're glad they stay.

Your thanks is not expected - it's
a job they choose to do.
But sometimes just a thoughtful
smile, something given just from you.

To show these things so freely is
something they deserve.
Their task is not an easy one,
to protect you and to serve.

by Bruce T. Wolfe ©1995
My wonderful, talented brother-in-law

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