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In Memoriam or....

Tell me, God, is there a place
  where dreams go to die?
'cause I'd like to reserve a space
and put a great big marker on it...

something like "Here lie Hillary's dreams"...

Nothing fancy in the way of a headstone ~
Just a little plaque --
	with room for some lilacs and lilies of the valley.

I need a place to visit -- a place to mourn --
A place I know that no one else knows about!
God, could you make it a shady place?

Maybe under an elm tree,
	with a tranquil lake nearby.
Or, a secluded spot near the beach,
	just out of tide's reach
Or, maybe a mountain top...
	nestled among the pines and near
	a rushing trout stream

Or... even on top of a high building --
	where the cacophony of horns honking
	and noise would muffle my sobs.

Well, God, you pick the place ~
'cause I've got the tears (and I'm waiting).......

©1996 EwaNevaland Creations

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