Would that all dreams that make you laugh
Surround you through each day
May all those things that wound your heart
.....Forever stay away.

May loving memories recollected
Cause your heart to sing
May lonlieness for love long lost
.....Forever lose its sting

May all your children, now grown tall
Bless you each and every day
May the lucky man who loves you now
.....Forever with you stay

And may you know within your heart
True friends that really care
And may they hold you in their thoughts
......Forever keep you there.

And when the sun will shine no more
When life sounds come sweet and low
May you be held within God's arms
.....Forever, His love to know.

For Hillary: A Poem for "FOREVER"

This is special for you. You own this, the only copy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness to me. God Bless you, Hillary.

HUGS from her new friend.......Forever.........
Vickey Stamps ~ ©1998

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