Welcome To My World

You have become so important in my life.
It's really hard to believe
just how much I have missed
until you entered my heart.
There have been times during my life
when I heard the voices.

Several moments found me
looking towards the horizon,
unsure of the Unknown ~
perhaps I was unsure of myself.

Whatever the reason, my heart
never really opened before.
Your arrival has been beyond any dreams
or prayers I could have ever have hoped for.

A single flower becomes a bouquet.
Each day filled with sunshine.
Each night, our star shines so bright.
Each thought begins with you ~
Promises spoken silently, never to end.

Every breath I take. Every beat my heart
takes, becomes but another Welcome to you.



© 1992 Frank B.Holcomb

Love Of My Life

For the many times you have stood in my shadow.
Each word spoken, saying what my heart
needed to hear at the time.
Every step taken,
being lucky enough to realize it was
you alone that guided me towards our destination.

All the mountains we were able to climb.
A helping hand when needed.
A loving smile always at the ready.
The rivers we crossed, allowing me to lead,
while you showed the way.

Each failure I have felt,
you refusing to leave my side.
All things good I have seen.
You were there to open my eyes,
being so fortunate that we saw them together.
The love of my life has become
much more than anything ever imagined possible.

The love of my life has become, the life of my love.

© 1992 Frank B.Holcomb

Our First Forever

Our first day together, surely you remember that silly kiss. Words tripping over each other. Neither of us aware of time. Hopes spoken together. Hearts becoming as one. Our first sunrise together. Never to be forgot. Love finding its way. Our smiles saying so much. Hands reaching out. Your life becoming what I have lived for. Mine being yours to love.

Our first celebration of life. A treasure to the world. Surely a testament of our love. Feelings never to be recaptured. Wishes for his world being a reflection of what ours has become.

Our first look back. For this life we have shared has always allowed both you and I to look past our tomorrows. Finding it so wonderful that we have come so far. Thoughts about this world through which I was so very lucky to walk beside you. So very thankful to have you by my side. Able to see just how blessed we have been. Knowing that our love has become our first. Our "FOREVER".

© 1992 Frank B.Holcomb

......i have always held to the
feeling that it is so easy to fall
in love......the hard part is falling
in "like" with someone! 

It has been 
some sort of unexplainable event
that has brought you into my life.

I have never believed in coincidence.
All events occur for a reason. I try
to never question any (which does
become very difficult at times). Your
entrance into my world has been 
beyond what my limited use of words
could ever express.................

indeed, your presence brightens my
days, sweetens my coffee and colors
my dreams.......
please stay for a while.

© 1997 Frank B.Holcomb


There has never been a feeling like this I have with you. 
I could try to find the right words for it....................but I won't.

There has never been a day in my life when I have felt happier than our time together.
I could try to express this in a better way....................but I won't. 

There could be a better way of saying “I love you” each time I say it to you. 
I could look for a new way of defining it....................but I won't. 

There might be a more proper way of expressing my love for you,
rather than the way I stumble over my words and feelings.
I could perhaps seek lessons on proper etiquette....................but I won't. 

There could be a more mature way of greeting you each time I see you,
rather than kissing you through tears of joy and happiness. I could try to learn more discipline and control....................but I won't.

© 1997 Frank B.Holcomb 


Today is the day when I give my love to you. Although that happens everyday.
There have been many days we have seen as one, as the days themself have become.
Where yesterday was so long ago, memories began only when you entered my world.
Tomorrow seems so far away ~ time has allowed you and I to enjoy what only those in love have ever known.
Today is why flowers blossom, why rainbows color the sky, why lovers fall in love.

© 1997 Frank B.Holcomb 

Loving Thoughts...

Waking this morning with the most wonderful
and loving thoughts of you.
Remembering our first “hello”,
being so thankful you took the time to notice.

Smiles brought with sweet memories of neither
being able to say “good-night”.
Silly laughter covering the obvious.
What a wonderful walk we have taken.

Holding hands, silly giggles,
secret kisses, sly winks.
Falling in love with you,
all over again, with each step taken.

Loving thoughts of our times spent together,
each memory being a portrait masterpiece.
We have traveled so far together.
Looking so forward to the rest of the journey.

© 1997 Frank B.Holcomb 

Feeling Lonely Today
Having you in my life has been so wonderful and fulfilling.
Our love being based on a foundation of trust and honesty.
Each day turned into laughter, the nights becoming our celebration of life and love.
Can you still remember all our plans? So many made with each and every one sealed with a kiss.
Your absence lately has left me feeling so very lonely.
Thoughts turn into questions of how I could have made things different.
Where once we only spoke in that secret language of lovers.
We now talk of matters of no concern, while thoughts turn to what could have been.
I wish you all the best and know you are wishing the same for me.
The sun will surely shine tomorrow, this pain will go away.
But I need to be honest with you, I'm sure feeling lonely today.

© 1997 Frank B.Holcomb

Please Stay
You have entered my life as no other has ever done.
This love you bring, so open, so honest, so sincere with your heart and soul.
Where once only darkness followed night, now the brightness of a single star lights our world of love and happiness.
The smiles shown, kisses sent and received from across the room. Eyes colliding with their love and compassion. Hands reaching out, forever in love, following the path of our hearts.
Before your presence, voices could be heard, so loud with their silence. Since your arrival, love finally speaking out. As soft and loving as was meant to be.
Your love has brought all the softness of a first snowfall. All the happiness of a child's first Christmas.
Not really knowing just what to say, yet, not wanting for you to go, perhaps my heart says it best;
I do love you!
Please stay...

© 1997 Frank B.Holcomb

Our Love Is So Special

Each day, this love shows through.
Colors shining brighter than ever shone before.
Having you in my life has certainly been Heaven-sent.
Feeling the Angels presence the day you entered my life.

The smiles shared, with each saying
more than the one before.
Love being shared, as it was meant to be.

Two worlds forming one.
Messages being sent forth on a 'sea of love'...
Delivered by wave after wave of happiness.
Feelings spoken directly with the heart.
Words being said that have never been said before.

Somehow, they all seem so very natural as does
this precious and special love we are sharing.

© 1997 Frank B.Holcomb

I Knew You Had To Leave

Our forever days have come to their end.
A love, even made in heaven,
can’t exist without life.
Having your love to hold,
even for but a moment
in time was indeed a wonderful moment.

Someone to share with sure made
everything so much better.
Of course we both knew we were
only fooling our hearts.

I even managed to fool myself for a while.
Saying goodbye like this is so very hard for me.

Not saying it is, indeed, harder for both of us.
You would allow our charade to continue,
rather than hurt me with the truth.
And for that I thank you.

However, life must be allowed to grow.
This love we had must be allowed to rest in peace.
Saying goodbye is being said with a very heavy heart.
But, I really knew, from our first kiss,
that the day, however far away at was,
would have to come.

I knew you had to leave

© 1997 Frank B.Holcomb


So much thanks must be given for this
friendship you and I share.
Such a wonderful gift we exchange daily.
Each given unconditionally and with
so much love.

Your belief in me has allowed me to believe in myself.
What a wonderful feeling that is.

Thanks given for listening to all my failures
and troubles.
More thanks for being there for my successes
and achievements.

You have never allowed me to forget just “who I am”.
While always reminding me of “why I am.”
Thanks for those wonderful handshakes and hugs.
So glad you loaned me your shoulder on occasion,
never questioning why it was wet.
Thanks for those times I needed you the most.

What wonderful advice you have given when needed.
Especially those where not a word was spoken.
At the end of each day, I am reminded of just how
lucky I am for our friendship.

Thanks for being a friend.
Thanks for sharing.

© 1997 Frank B.Holcomb

Feeling Goodbye

The words have all been spoken.
All been said before, each and every one.
Now, the feelings begin to take over.
Feelings held deep within, hopes they wouldn’t become a part
of this world we once danced through.

Feelings coming to life, taking control,
or rather, losing control.
Arms aching so much from their reaching out.
Hands hurting from trying to hold on.

Saying goodbye has indeed, all been said.
Words have all come to their end.
Feeling goodbye now begins its journey.
Knowing within my heart, this journey will never end.

©1997 Frank B. Holcomb

Walk With Me

Walk with me
share my sun
breathe my air
feel my love
live my dreams
hold my heart
feed my hunger
love my soul
allow me to do the same for you

© 1997 Frank B.Holcomb

I Saw Him Again

I saw him again today looked right at him looked deep within his soul oh sure, I turned away he stared me down, once more How long ago? How far away? Memories of memories blocking my view fears once thought forgotten brought to the surface pain is remembered breathing once again back to life indeed, a life of its own I saw him today looked directly at him didn’t really like who I saw sure made shaving easier though

© 1997 Frank B.Holcomb

I Thought You Were In Love
Just taking a moment, saying a last good-by trying to wipe the tear from my eye
Wishing you happiness must be what I need to say while my world tries to make it, day to day
Standing outside your door, oh, what should I do
this life has crumbled, so empty without you
Wondering if this pain will go, will it ever leave?
wondering if ever again, my heart will believe
Unable to knock, the door says “no”
My heart says “stay”, your heart says “go”
Walking away, tears clouding my view
Seeing nothing but visions, visions of you
Loving you was heavenly, sent from above how foolish I was,
I thought you were in love Loving you was giving,
I gave you my heart memories are all that remain, since we been apart

© 1997 Frank B.Holcomb

I Will

I will stand again. Maybe not as tall as once before, but I will stand again I will walk again. Walking may be a bit unsteady at first, but I will walk again. I will see again. Being blinded by my feelings for you is only temporary. I will see again. I will smile again. Smiling is not a sin. Simply a language I forgot for a while. I will smile again. I will love again. Because that is what living is. I will love again! ©1997 Frank B. Holcomb

Holding Hands~ Holding Hearts

Reaching out ~ softly touching ~ gentle smiles
What a wonderful gift ~ holding hands
You have allowed me to enjoy what once was taken for granted
Knowing you are here ~ somehow assures me of just where I am
Having you reach out when needed gives so much comfort
Your reaching out ~ when not needed ~
this is a gift only those truly in love can understand and share
So much comfort ~ so much giving ~ so much sharing
Holding your hand means you are also holding mine
both being held ~ both holding ~
both becoming one
What a lovely path we are sharing ~
this path to your heart! ©Frank B. Holcomb_1997

I Believe

I believe today is a gift, as is each day.

I believe "Victory" is within, as is "Defeat".

I believe the world does not revolve around me, but rather a Sacred Trust, which I need to reflect on daily.

I believe that "events" do happen for the best, never forgetting I am only a guest here.

I believe this path I am walking is of my own choosing. These feelings I hold are true and sincere. 

I believe life is for living. 
Smiles are for giving. 
Love is for sharing. 

I believe in you. 
I believe in me. 
I believe in us. 

©1997 Frank B. Holcomb

Love Is.....

.....thinking of you, sweet thoughts all. .....holding your hand, without your being there. .....crying your tears, while kissing them away. .....laughing your laugh, bringing you happiness. .....sharing your soul, baring my own. .....saving you the last of the butter pecan ice cream! ©Frank B. Holcomb

© 1996

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