The Day God Cried

It was such a sunny September day
In the land of the brave and free,
A day unlike the day before,
The same for you and Me.

But with a sigh that rumbled Heaven,
The Lord began to frown,
"How do I tell my children 
that I must change their Town?"

With a grieving sorrow, the likes unknown to man,
He knew he would be damned and cursed,
By those who could only believe the worse 
and would never understand.

"I know my children, at your birth,
You were promised my Eternal Love 
Forever without any end, 
both on Earth and in Heaven above."

It was a covenant and vow declared, 
A sacred promise bade,
Never to be broken, 
an agreement that I made.
But now it’s time to bring the best of you home to Me.

Your loved ones will weep their tears 
Or raise their fists up to the skies.
I'll feel all their pain and anger
Yes, I’ll hear their mournful cries.

"Ahhhh, if I could only tell them,
this sorrowing brotherhood of man.
Alas, they must have FAITH in me
And My Eternal Plan."

"Believe in Me and know
they’re in my care and loving grace,
Not in the Hell that made them go --
They’re in a sacred place."

"You’ll join them there 
I promise you.
Their spirits "know" your pain
You’ll be reunited here with Me
And with them, once again."

"All I can give My children
Are the raindrops in the sky.
And when the torrents rain on them 
It’s only because I cry."

"Yet, after every violent storm
Comes a rainbow if they look
Be it poetry, or history or even 
The ‘‘Good Book’’.

"Just know that I am deeply sad and cry,
because my children mourn their own.
I will cry again and again
For things I’ve always ‘‘known’’.


© Hillary Sadur

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