My Confidant, My Friend
Tell me if we do pretend
To be a person Others made
and live our lives for Stranger's praise

Ideals of Profit, Sales and Growth are
commonplace amongst us Folk
yet when we turn our thoughts to Home
No Growth, No Gains from feelings choked
Pursuit of Love is our intent
but Happiness?.....more dollars spent

There Is Pride to achieve Another's dream
and Sacrifice for corporate schemes
Yet when we turn the covers down
a Lonely niche will there be found
to rest our weary heads and cry
for Intervention, a New ally

Do we meet to Touch Another's soul,
and hope hearts Blend, is that Our goal?
Put Accent on the Gleam of eyes
and wish that Love in there resides?

If only we could make it "Click"
and write a "Contract", wouldn't that be slick?
that gives a hand for us to Grasp
Squeeze so that SHOULD last

These words are written for not just you
I feel a sense of Bondage too
I Pray that love returns to me....
Please Strive, my Friend, to set Ours free :)

Jon Warner

Copyright 1993

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