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The Pebble

Once upon a time, the Creator of all things, took into his hand, a small ugly and much maligned substance. He knew that in and of itself, it would be nothing much. People would call it interesting, some ugly. None would call it beautiful. It was not unlike some of His human creature, in that it was of a hard structure, nearly to a faultiness. He decided that some pebbles would be small and others a bit larger, almost like a rock. Each would have a purpose to fulfill.

Planting His will into the pebble, he let it and others fall to His planet Earth. The pebbles multiplied into the trillion billions upon the earth.

Man crews came and took them off in large trunks. They were ground up, and turned into roadways. Many men would walk on these roads. Some roads would lead to a brilliance of learning, some would lead to places where people gave of themselves to humanity. Some would lead the simple working man home, to rest at the end of a long day. Some would lead to a life of crime, pain or agony. Almost all roads would be walked through mankind's free will. Some pebbles were crushed and made decorative to brighten the exterior of homes. They would be laid to rest beneath beautiful scrubs. The tiny pebbles were water drinkers. They would hold moisture longer, and 'shade out the weeds' that would otherwise spring forth and nibble the scrubs away.

Some would be picked up and thrown great distances by youthful hands. These hands would compete with others out to win the contest of whom could throw the furthest of all. To see whom would be the neighborhood champion. Perhaps in youth, it would serve as a prelude to baseball. Other pebbles would be found at a lake or small pond, usually by a youth and its parent. An art would be taught by the parent of how to 'skip' a rock across the watery surface, with the greatest effect. Sometimes it would simply land with a 'splish' or 'splash' sound and sink beneath the surface. Sometimes a ripple effect could be seen in the tiniest fraction of time, and the water would put on a fine show for the watcher.

But what then of the ugly, perhaps interesting pebble that now lay deep in the water, vanquished for unknown time, from mankind's eyes. What had little value, other then what it had been used for, was now covered with moisture, polished looking and much more beautiful to the eye. The qualities inside at last had been discovered.

Are we humans not so unlike the pebble? Are we not a path for others to follow? Are we not sometimes ugly, sometimes interesting, but rarely beautiful? Do we shade with kindness and prolong life for things of beauty? Do we throw ourselves forward, and put on a show to make someone laugh, or find pleasure? Do we ripple outward, prolonging the show, for even more pleasure?

When the end has come, and we are no longer visible, will our real beauty have shown forth with the polishing of the world, and the Creator's will upon our life?

Alzheimer Hotel by Vickey Stamps 1997
and dedicated to her father Robert Netherlain

What do you think of this place where I stay?

It's a fine hotel in every way! Thank you for coming

Who'd you say that you are? I seem to forget.

I'm not quite up to par.

You say it's my birthday? Does my age show?

How the years have flown by. Why didn't I know?

Where is my bed? Someone show me the way.

I'm not quite sure where I should stay.

I was sure it was morning, but you say it is night?
Are you lying to me? Now that's just not right.
You say it's the truth, and I forget a lot?
Are you meaning my brain has began to rot?
You claim that your're family? Well, I can't recall.
You're much too old. My family's still small.
You say that's my wife? (In that picture you hold)
That can't be. She, too, is too old.

I'm in the hospital? Now, that just can't be

There simply is nothing the matter with me.

I have Alzheimer's? Is that like the flu?

I hope there is something the doctor can do.

God's Garden

Once upon a time in God's Garden, lovely flowers grew.....basking in the Heavenly breezes. Music vibrated within their fragile stems. Their roots gently tickling the clouds beneath them. The colors of their petals blending and fanning out, both reflecting a brilliance of love for their creator not to be outdone.

Suddenly in the middle of this, God's garden, were felt His footsteps, softly treading His way toward them. Bending down and gently caressing them, He lovingly spoke, calling each by their Heavenly names. "I have a special favor to ask, a mission of greatness for you to perform. You...each in turn, will be sent to my planet, Earth. There you will become a child. For all, there awaits in great eagerness, one who will become a mother to you."

Through her nurturing of you, she will repay the love received from myself and her earthly parents. She will learn to rely on me for help in times of trouble. There will be times when she will water you with her tears, her grief teaching you how to sorrow. Her joy will teach you laughter, her strength sustain you in your own times of weakness. Heaven's garden will be a forgotten memory for a while.

You will all grow and learn together.

One day it will be time to leave her side and travel your own path. She will, with my help, be the one to show you the way in which to walk. Some will fall by the wayside for a while, but all will rise to walk again. Her faith in you will give you courage to complete the purpose I shall place before your way in life. Do your best to maintain a faith in both of us. Be as you are right now...excited, happy, vibrating with love.

Spread again your unseen petals in a full bloom, spraying love upon all who will accept it; that when at last your mission is complete, you may return and once again, bloom in the garden of God. I love You."

The Candle

We all are given Candles, to light our way through life.
Some we call 'a husband', and some we call 'a wife.'
Some are loving neighbors, or they might be family.
Some may give off brightness, or be dull as they can be.
Some may flicker off and on, and nearly lose their beam,
while others help us face life, and help us win our dream.

We all must walk a path in life.
Not all will walk it well.
We can choose to walk in confidence,
or crawl into a shell.

Some candles seem to be so plain,
as first we chance to look,
then those same candles give off light,
to help us read life's book.

Some candles are designer ones,
and make a pretty show.
Some are short and valiant,
but help more, than we know.

But as the years go rushing by,
most candles fade from sight.
And we must face the fact that we --
are left with little light.

And so the ones we count on,
must then our candle be.
I know the one I love the most,
will light the way for me.

Lord, help me be a candle,
with an everlasting glow,
and may I serve to light up life,
for everyone I know.

And when I have to give account,
for how I chose to live,
may I have kept my wick trimmed,
so my light would always give.

Yes, we all are given "candles",
to light our way in life;
to guide us through the good times,
or hard times full of strife.

May I light up the path so well,
no one will slip and fall;
so when my candle melts away,
They'll say I gave my all.

©1998 Vickey Stamps ~ All of the above poetry/prose was contributed by Vickey Stamps, a nice new friend I met in the WBS 50+ chatroom. I hope you enjoyed the foregoing as much as I. Please email her your comments.

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