A Musing ~
1980 - 1996

No ~ I haven't forgotten you.

Though miles of sea and months of longing are between us.
Forget you? Impossible!!!
Especially when I toss at night, trying to force sleep
...into a mind so actively searching for remnants of "us"...

Not that I try, mind you ~ or I'd be in bed ~
Blissfully dreaming of "whatever."

No ~ I haven't forgotten you.
Remembrances leap into my mind...
As if to say "I'm here!"
(and I picture you)

Tiredness seems to fade in expectation of
a "rerun of my memories."

A "special" longing for a "special" person
There are so few as meaningful to me ~
As I hear the sea ~ and think of what...
"might have been"

Oh, how I miss you! ...in so many ways!

BUT ~ back to bed!
I'll try to put my dreams to sleep...
Try not to think of yesterday ~
Knowing tomorrow will bring another day.

I'll try to look forward to a future excluding you.
It's so hard for me ~ but oh, so easy for you...

Just Scattered Thoughts...

Living goes on
though the heart is dying...
Loving goes on
though the eyes are crying...
Missing goes on
though the chapter's closed...

Lonely people talking to each other
can make each other lonelier.
They should be careful, because, maybe,
lonely people are the only people who
can't afford to cry...

Thank you for teaching me about myself.
I never realized before just how wonderful I am!

Sadness is a state of mind that comes from dwelling too long on yesterdays.

Is there a time that you look at the sky
and see a star ~ and think of me?

Keep me close to you
My moments become your special minutes...
...if you have the "time"...

There will come a time when we must part
Tell me your name again?


Envision the universe
with only ONE star
(and nothing to make it shine)
No sun, no moon and no one to see it!

No, I won't forget you!
Now, tell me about your yesterdays.

©1999 Hillary Sadur

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