The sun sinks slowly below the distant horizon.
The voice of the songbirds becomes still
as day turns into night.
A warm silence pervades the earth
And surrounds it in a blanket of ebony.
I am alone with my thoughts;
My eyes gaze into a welcoming nothingness;
And as I project myself into space
The dark is left behind
And there is only light.

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Together we'll fly through time and space to Paradise,
The silver threads of our wing-tips touching
Our minds attune, and your fingers clasped in mine
Twin souls with one identity
Loved, and loving throughout Eternity.

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I close my eyes
And what do I see?
Colors staring back at me.
Purples, yellows, reds and blues
And flashing lights of brilliant hues.
My mind is a kaleidoscope
with patterns ever-changing.
Oblongs, squares and triangles
with circles and arches ranging,
alongside diamonds, spades, clubs and hearts
and myriads of tiny darts,
dipping their way in and out.
Now here, now there,
just flashes of quicksilver,
jet propelled by unseen hands,
The completed scene, a fairyland.

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The fires of my imagination
Were lit by a magic hand
And I found myself walking
through wonderland.
There were marble fountains everywhere
In which golden angels were washing
their hair.

The sound of their laughter
tinkled like bells,
And overhead, heavenly music swelled.
Then two clouds parted
to form a doorway
Through which came cherubs
with garlands of may.

As I watched, they slid
down ropes of gold
Then turned moonbeams out of
a silver mould
Which they used for skates
They raced past me
and disappeared through pearly gates.

I reached out to touch them
but released instead
a shower of stardust
which fell on my head,
And surrounded me
in a silver cocoon,
And I felt again the warmth
of the womb.

A voice called my name
I came back with a start
My gaze was drawn to a gleam
at my feet.
There lay a tiny silver heap...
...of stardust.

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My heart cries out
The wind in answer
Blows the Autumn leaves
Across the window
of my mind.

My life's in tatters
The rags of my pride
falling round my feet.
All the yesterdays are wasted
like today's dreams,

There are no tomorrows
Only miles and miles of emptiness.

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The Lovers
Above dark trees in silvery glow
The moon outshines all earthly light
Two lovers stand, their lips in accord
Triumphant in the silence of the night.

A fountain surges up and swirls
Then sprinkles beads of pearl drops rare
Adding a magic to this love
A moment's dream, that two hearts share.

Soon night fades and dawn appears,
The lovers have gone, the park silent, still
May the joy of this young love live on
And their future years, with magic fill.

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My Guiding Light
Do you know about inner peace?
It's what you have when troubles cease
Your yesterdays have passed away
 And you hold in your hand
The power of today.

My angels are my guiding light
They're at my side, both day and night
To watch me, ere I go astray,
And light my path along life's way.

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Searcher's End
    It is summer in the valley
        I come in search of you
        The sound of rippling waterfalls
        Echo down the silent glen
        The water is warm
        And shimmers in the sunlight.
        At twilight, I reach your forest
        Nestling like a contented babe
               between twin peaks.

        You ask for nothing,
        but I can see the golden aura
              that surrounds you.
        You have become docile
              like the animals you have tamed.
        Forgotten is the way back
        I have become like you,
        A piece of driftwood
              floating, lost.   

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Song of Love
Two hearts united
Growing within each other
Emitting  understanding and warmth
Love is pure and precious
Eternal and everlasting

Two souls embracing each other
with tenderness and hope
Sharing and giving
Living and loving
Throughout all Eternity.

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The world is still and beautiful
I stand on the seashore, one with all things
And turn my enraptured gaze toward the distant horizon
Where she has just come into view
Radiant in a cloak of pure gold
Now tinged with red and orange.

She slowly rises, her image reflected in the waiting sea.
My heart fills with reverence as I behold her golden splendour
I bathe with sensuous pleasure in the
magnetic energy she radiates.
My body and soul at peace with creation.

Soon she merges and becomes one with space
The brilliance of her face
blinding these mortal eyes
But the glow around my heart
warms me. 

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Ever Upward
                My soul is an oasis
                In the desert of my mind
                Where I stop to quench my thirst
                And reflect on all mankind.
                The knowledge that I gain there
                Enables me to grow
                So I can bloom, then drop my seed
                For those who wish to know.
                The wonders of the Universe
                Are for all who want to see
                The golden path to Paradise
                Belongs to you and me.

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Stand in the light, never in the dark,
For only in the light is perfect understanding.

As the night closes in,
 a new world of light blossoms forth.

The heavens are alight with a pearly glow
that reflects itself in my soul.

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The Shell
Universal man is but a husk
Which harbours the most beautiful part of him;
The Soul.
Man lives in stages, seven in all.
If aware at completion,
He'll get the call.

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What is time?
We work to it. We play to it,
and we waste it.
Now it is quicksilver! Its quickness eludes us.
It is as old as the hills
and yet belongs to the future.
It is something I hope one day, to be;
It is Immortal.

© 1997 Nina Diver

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