I sit on the sand,
my arms around my knees.
I watch the ocean's swells
caressed by a breeze.

And in my heart I feel content,
though half my life I've other climes
But those far distant times, I don't resent...
It was surely meant
For me to live now, as I please!

It matters not what approbation comes my way
I've found salvation that formerly eluded me...
What rooted me to Mainland places has gone.
And here with the trees generously bending...
with the offshore blowing...
Tell me all I need be knowing.

Hypocrisy and material things
Come to easy on a thousand wings...
But satisfaction with oneself, it seems,
Is scarcer and dearer...
and thus those dreams have led me here... a walker in her sleep...
I'm steady here, my soul I'll keep.

And if, my friend, you too are tired...
If, in constant consternation mired...
I'll extend these hands for you to touch.
Of things material we'll need not much.
For what I can give can maybe heal the pain
Of an uncaring world that's gone insane.

So think of this, as you do battle,
...with torts and liens, as deadlines rattle,
The gorgeous essence that I know is you.
Oh, the future's yours!
..and, God! can always start ANEW!


In answer to your invitation,
I hear your voice with great elation!
To listen to your words so caring,
Gives me the courage to be daring!

Oh, my darling, if all that I ever needed ...
Were things material, I surely would feel cheated
At this point of my stay on earth!
And so, the celebration of your rebirth
Leaves me almost without speech...
I must lie with you...on the beach.

How, I ask, with all my heart
Can you give life another start
Without me there, close by your side
Just you and I, teased by the tide.
No longer needing some place to hide.

Yes, yes, a thousand times YES!
That's my answer to your sweet request.
Can the gods above have blessed me more?
Of that I doubt ... For you I cannot do without.

I'll join you there, I swear, I swear...
But 'til that time you must know I care
And care so much, my heart fills...
...with tenderness and anticipated thrills.

The noise, the common, compassionless,
confusion, I'll soon leave behind...
The mundane grind will be no more ~
as I touch your hands on that distant shore.

And that same balmy, blossom breeze
that sweeps your brow from azure seas..
Will shortly, gently kiss both you and me
And tenderly embrace us with eternity....

Hillary Sadur & Don Jonas

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