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Hello lonely lady, I'm sure lonely too.
I'd like to talk if it is alright with you.
We're so far apart we may never meet;
but I could still see you and give you a tour
of my little world,
and perhaps you might also invite me to yours.

Let's find us a looking glass we can abide
and maybe just dare to take steps there inside;
where you may be princess and I'll be your prince...

...But first we must search over treacherous paths
then journey together as long as it lasts.

We can build castles and travel afar.
We can do anything our hearts so desire.
I'll write you love songs and you sing to me,
together is where we will both want to be.

Princess--now that I've found you I won't let you go,
you are so beautiful I want you to know
dreams are for lovers whose hopes
are so high
take my hand princess; come
with me--let's fly".

The prince and princess from afar...
following stars.

Their castle waits, the moat
is drawn, gates are locked; shrouded
in misty gray. Waiting...waiting ...waiting
for breaking dawn to lead their way....where
paths will meet and open doors. Across the bridge
they wait no more....The castle beams in bright array,
the Prince and Princess came to stay.

Open your book--she is waiting.
Write your fairy tales in the sky
and paint the pictures in mind's eye.
You can fall in love in cyberspace
in anyway and

There's no harm
to take a lover.
But just remember
you touch another
with real
feelings. Perhaps of you,
who has the hope
that dreams come true.

Prince and
princess found their place
and love began as such.
But they must leave their fairy tale,
for TRUE LOVE needs to touch.

©e.adkins 1996

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