The following lyrics are paraphrasing to the midi-song "Keeper Of The Stars" and written by Sandyyy310 of 50+ WBS Chat....

"YOU And ME"

I give my hand to you
Walk slowly with me
We'll share a lifetime together ...
you and me ...

We have so much to give
So much to share

We'll build a home of love ...
just you and me ...


I give my key,
to the keeper of my heart
Will you always be the one with me ...
To make a brand new start?
And, when our life is thru
We'll have known what lovers do...
Will you share your life with me?

You're the keeper of my heart
We were meant to be ~
Never be alone again ~
I need you by my side
To make my life complete
I've given you all my love
You're the keeper of my heart

I give my key,
to the keeper of my heart
Will you always be the one with me ...
To make a brand new start ...
And when our life is thru
We'll have known what lovers do
Will you share your life with me?

And, as we make our way
Just me and you
We'll build the life we dreamed ...

(from someone who met the love of her life in a chatroom...)

If it were all I could do,
to reach out and touch you,
to hold you, for a single moment,
it would be worth more
than an entire life time.

I dream of you,
whether asleep or not.
You haunt me in ways
that leave me asking for more.
The thought of being near you
is one I long for.

Your body calls out to mine,
In a voice I cannot tune out.

The thing that grows in my
heart for you,
is begging to be let free,
To be allowed to grow,
to experiment.
But distance stops us.

Oh how I long for that single moment!

Cassandra J. Henry

Do I Even Know You?

Do I even know you?
To me you are nothing but
a pattern of text that
creates words, sent to my
mind through my eyes.
Yet, somehow your words have
by-passed my head
and been shot straight to my heart.

Every moment I spend without you
is like an eternity in Hell.
The physical need for you grows
stronger with each encounter.
The forces inside me, drawing me to you,
gain more energy,
almost daring to explode.

I want you,
I need you,
I love you,
and I will have you.

It is as simple as that.
No whys, hows, ands, buts or ifs.
I want to spend the rest of
with no one but you,
and I'm not afraid to admit it.

Your eyes,
two round symbols full of hope.
That's all I can see
They pull me in,
filling my entire vision.Like dark pools of energy your eyes expand
and become the whole wide world.
I try to blink
try to clear the sight.
I cannot.

Your eyes,
two round symbols full of hatred.
That's all I can see.
Somehow I let you down,
Somehow I did something wrong.
Your eyes expand and become
a full view of Hell on Earth.
I try to blink,
try to save myself from imminent death.
I cannot.

Your eyes,
two round symbols full of pity.
Slowly you release me,
loosening your vice.
I am free of your stare
Yet a weight rests upon my shoulders.
Somehow I know I have failed you.
I try to continue,
try to go on with my life.

A snowflake lands on the tip of my nose,
another on my cheek.
they softly begin to cover my face.

I hardly notice.
My thoughts are elsewhere.
I am dreaming of us,
We are holding each other,
resting on a hill of
perfect green grass.
your arms encircle my body,
pulling me close, letting me
know that we belong as one.

Another set of snowflakes begin
to fall on my face and
I am brought back to reality,

But in my mind remain the thoughts
and I smile,
a slow, knowing smile.


Keeper of my Heart

You have found the key....
that has unlocked my heart..
YOU, I wish to keep here....
I never want to part.
You have found a part of me...
I didn't know could exist...
You are the part of me...
that I have always missed.

You showed me love...
like I have never known,
You are what love is...
this to me, you have shown.
You are my angel...
sent down from the skies above.

You were meant to find me...
and show me the meaning of love.
You have come into my life...
for reasons that are clear,
You're the "keeper of my heart"...
for that, I love you dear.


Some time, some place--
perhaps many years from now--
someone who was once
the person I am now will
look across a room and see someone
who was once
the person you are now.
And in that instant,
they will know that once, long ago ...
they had been friends.

None of the memories that we now share
will have survived the shift in time.
Only the love we shared
will remain--and that will be enough!

I Need to Know

I need to know I am loved
Far beyond coffee in the morning and a favorite meal.
I need eyes looking at me as if
there is no other left on earth
Words to tell me why I have been chosen from all the rest.
I need caresses, love notes, an arm locked in mine,
Fingers on my face, hands brushing back my hair.

I am strong only in my capacity to endure pain,
In my determination not to be overwhelmed
by shadows that appear without permission
and endure without reason.
I am strong in confronting the fears that
match each decade of my life,
In not looking back with guilt and regrets,
In my persistent reassurance that
all my dreams will be realized.
I am strong when it is essential
to someone that I live,
Unthinkable that I die,
unbearable that I disappear,

A love that goes all out without reservation or calculation,
A love of total trust and total loyalty,
A love that can last until I breath my last
breath and gaze my last gaze - at you,
When I am finally glad that I have lived...
Because I know how much I have been loved!


A soulmate is someone who has the locks
to fit our keys, and the keys to fit our locks.
When we feel safe enough to open the locks,
our truest selves step out and
we can be completely and honestly who we are;
we can be loved for who we are and
not for who we're pretending to be.

Each of us unveils the best part of one
another. No matter what else goes wrong
around us, with that one person were safe
in our paradise.

Our soulmate is someone who shares our deepest
longings, our sense of direction.
When we're two balloons, and together
our direction is up, chances are we've found the right person.

Our soulmate is the one who makes life come to life.

Richard Bach

Would you Be My Friend?

Once I was a rabbit's grave and a basket hoop on the garage, A cucumber patch, lilac trees and peonies crawling with ants. I was a Stepping stone and a mysterious cistern, grass fires, water fights and a ping pong table in the basement. I Was a picket fence, a bed and a maple drawer I shared with My sister, a dog named sandy who danced. Friends were Easy to find. We climbed trees, built grass huts, caught Snakes..................and we dreamed alot........
Will you be my friend? (Beyond Childhood)

Who am I? I am not sure........ Once I was predictable, I was educated, trained, loved.... Not as I was, but as I seemed to be. My role was my safe way Of hiding. There was no reason to change. I was approved, I pleased. Then suddenly, I changed. Now I am less sure, more Myself. My role has almost disappeared. My roots are not my church, my job, my city.........even my world. They are in me. Friends are not easy to find....................i dream alot.

Will you be my friend?? (Beyond Roles)

Who am i? I am not sure.......... I am more alone than before........part animal...but not protected by my Instincts or restricted by my vision. I am Part spirit as well, yet scarcely free, limited by taste and Touch and time........yearning for all of life. There is no Security. Security is sameness and fear, the postponing Of life. Security is expectations and commitments and premature death. I live with uncertainty. There are mountains to climb, Clouds to ride, stars to explore and Friends to find...........there is only me.........and I dream Alot......

Will you be my friend? (Beyond Security)

Who am i? I am not sure.......... I do not search in emptiness and need, but in increasing Fullness and desire. Emptiness seeks any voice to fill a Void, any face to dispel darkness. Emptiness brings crowds And shadows easy to replace. Fullness brings a friend, Unique, irreplaceable. I am not empty as I was. There are the Wind and the ocean, music, strength and joys within .....and The night........... Friendship is less than a request than a celebration, less a Ritual than a reality, less a need than a want............ Friendship is you and me.....................and I dream alot........

Will you be my friend?? (Beyond Need)

Who am I?? I am not sure.... Who are you? I want to know...... We didn't sell kool aid together or go to school together. We're not from the same town...the same god, hardly the Same world. There is no role to play, no security to provide No commitments to make. I expect no answers save your Presence, your eyes, your self....... Friendship is freedom, is flowing, is rare. It does not need stimulation, it stimulates itself. It trusts, understands, grows, explores. It smiles and weeps. It does not exhaust or cling, expect or demand.

It IS..............and that's enough.........and it dreams alot........
Will you be MY FRIEND?

James Kavanaugh

I feel like we're growing apart
before we even got the chance
to grow together.
I want to be with only you.
I know that.
There is no second guessing.
My heart belongs to you, forever.

One would think that would be enough
to dispel any further temptations.
Yet, I long for physical contact.
You are so far away!

I want you to hold me,
I want you to make love to me,But you can't, not now
and I need it now.

I don't want to turn to someone else
for the physical contact,
but I find myself doing so,
as if I am being pulled by a
magnetic force.
I try to stop and I know my emotions
will stay with only you,
but something is happening to my body
I can't resist.......

Soul Stands

My soul here stands
Knowing halfway around the world
Is the one and only
That I have metand loved......

My heart alone knows
When I will see him again
The poetry of my soul
will be complete......

Sitting on a park bench,
tossing bread crumbs to the birds.
You on one side,
me on the other.
The paper bag sits between us,
dividing our bodies,
as well as our thoughts.
Yet, divided as we are,
we still exist as one.

My love is for no one but you
and yours the same.
It was eons ago that we met,
It was centuries ago that we fell in love.
But as far as we're concerned,
it could have been yesterday.

Old and tired, I turn my head and look at you.
I do not see you as an old man,
I see you as pure energy.
You light up my life,
and everything in it.

I remember when I was young and insecure,
I remember wondering if we'd ever make it this far.
I should never have worried.
Love crosses all barriers,
and brings the divided together

Long Distance Romance

Many miles lie between us....
why we met we do not know,
Our words now blossomed into love....
now we ask, where will this go?

A world away you are from me....
mountains and oceans lie in our path...
Is this enough to get us through....
will this love we've now found last?

I have no answers to these question....
all I can do is say to you...
What we do have is very special....
I dont think I could live without you.

You have opened up my heart....
and made it warm inside..
With you, I have shared all my secrets....
for you, "my love", I would die.

You have let me live again....
for parts of me, I had lost..
You have showed me what love is....
but now do we pay the cost?

Will our lives meet as one we wish they would?
Or are these miles in between....
just there to wish we could?

Again I say to you my love....
these answers we do seek..
In time, will tell the two of us....
will we ever meet?

Forbidden Love

There is no greater heartache than a love
that can go nowhere.
We share so much, we laugh and
joke, we know each other cares.

How do you try to set aside the feelings
that are real?
How do you stop a heart from love,
and showing how you feel?

We started out as friends
how did it end this way?
It seems that it just happened.
I had feelings for you one day.

Now I sit and struggle,
with what words I say to you,
Protecting both of our hearts,
this is really hard thing to do.

Maybe at another time this love
would have been something great,
I know my meeting you now has
something to do with fate.

You were a friend when I needed one,
you listened and you cared,
You let me know when I had no
other, you would always be there.

Where do we go now?
Can we continue just to be good friends?Or do we go on and see where all of
this will end?

I will always be here,
no matter what my heart does feel.
It may be a forbidden love...
but all the same, it is so real.


You have not touched me with
your eyes, hands, or your body.
Yet you make sweet love to me.
You penetrate me with your words,
your mind, and your kindness.
You drive me wild with desire.

I want to cling to your every word,
like a mistress does her lover.
I want to take you inside my mind
until my desire cries out,
softly satisfied, lying sweetly
within in the realm of the
magic of your words.

The Dance

You may not be near to me,
as I would like for you to be,
But I do this dance with you my love,
only my heart can see.
I think of you and words you have said,
they dance within my mind,
You see my love you are not here,
but I can have this dance any time.

I hold you close like no other,
and the music is so clear,
For you are the love of my life,
and thoughts of you are so dear.
I do a dance within my heart,
and sway to thoughts of you.

I close my eyes and envisionthis dance, that I love to do.
We waltz across the room,
a floor just built for two,
We embrace each other with all our love...
this dance I do with you.


We knew it had to end one day
We knew it from the start...
We tried to play with fate,
But, instead, she broke my heart.

At least I have the memories
The times that we have shared...
No one can take that away
It can never be impaired.

So, life goes on without youBut, I'll NEVER be alone...
I have the memories inside of me
That only you and I will ever know

You dont need me anymore.....
Nothing is like what it was before ....
Gone is all the love and the caring.

All the thoughts and feelings we
were sharing.
So full of your love once was this heart.
Now it feels an emptiness; torn apart.

All that is left are my tears and my pain..
Along with the realization that we will never be the same.....

Words don't come easily between us anymore...
We always used to have so much
we needed to say before.

Seems like there is now nothing left for us to say....
Even our special friendship is
slowly fading away......
Perhaps the time has come for us
to say our Goodbyes.......

Save what is left before it all
completely dies.....
We will never get back to where
we were before.......
I know you don't feel the same
way about me anymore....

There is no point to holding all
this love in my heart......
All that will ever do is eventually
tear me apart.....
Our hearts aren't joined in
love so it can't possibly

There is nothing left; time to
"Let Go".......





I LOVE YOU........

I'M WAITING..................

When you "NEED" me, just whisper my name in your heart
I will be there.....

When you "MISS" me, just look up at the clouds and you
will see me...
I will be there......

When you "WANT" me, in your mind, will be all the memories
we have....
I will be there.......

When you feel the "LOVE"....close your eyes, feel my arms
holding you......
I will be there.........

The above poetry was generously contributed by Sandyyyy310 of 50+.

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