It takes a while to say goodbye
In my "heart of hearts"
(as you well know)
So, don't fault me for the tears I shed
When you said "It's time to go."

When I say my prayers tonight
I'll include your name in them
And I know that God will listen
As I say my "Amen"...

There is no way I can ever tell you
Just how special you are to me
You are such an important part
Of every sad or happy memory.

So, I hope that this "goodbye"
Isn't the last we'll ever share.
Even though we may be parted,
In MY heart, you're always there!

Inspired by my beautiful sister, Sally
and dedicated to my whole family
who attended our family reunion
and my son Kelly's wedding.

ŠJune 27, 2000 - H. Sadur

(Background music is "Forever" by Kenny Loggins)


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