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~ Loving You Was Easy ~

Loving you was easy, babe,
and looking off behind,
thoughts of what you meant to me,
are running through my mind.
I tell everyone about you
and how I loved you so.

I wish they could have known you babe,
why'd you have to go?
I know the time is coming soon,
I'll let my heartache show.
I'll cry out all my tears for you,
when I decide it's time to let go.
We've never been through this before,
it's like a living hell.
But, baby, like you asked me,
our memories, I'll tell.

You will never really die,
and I hope that you will know.
until we meet again, my love,
I now must let you go.
I will love you always, babe,
Always and forever....


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©2000 Sonny Christensen

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