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I sorrow at the death of
a friend...
Who assured me that
our friendship would never end.

It was so nice to share things
Others weren't allowed to hear
...knowing you had NO FEAR
I would ever reveal those
special times ~

You haven't died ~ at least
not in real life
And I never, ever thought
of becoming your wife.

We were so close and
we shared so much
...but NEVER the physical touch.

Just know that I'll love you
for that special time...
The sharing and learning
had reason and rhyme.

Confusion was mine
Diffusion was yours...
Different needs entered into it
Now, I'm just one of the "hers"

"Aloha" comes easy ~
"Goodbye" I can't compute.
I wish you'd taken the time to explain
...but you remained mute.

I guess that the word "friendship"
means something different to you.

And, when I remember the good times
(and I thank you for them)
I'll still be mourning the
loss of a friend!

HS (1997)

My grateful thanks to Ginger Olansen for the beautiful photograph!

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