It's November 7th, 1999 (approximately 6:30 AM) and, glancing out my window, I saw the beginnings of a new day.

Coffee cup in hand, I wandered out to the beach. Immediately I could see a beautiful sunrise unfolding and I quickly returned inside for my camera.

I don't think there's anything sadder than seeing something magnificent and having NO ONE to share it.

May I share my sunrise with you? My dear Tommy is with the angels now and no longer here on earth to share my special moments with. It's been almost 3 years since he left us and, somehow, the vitality of life has diminished and the earth has become less vibrant to me.

After seeing this page, my friend Charlie sent his thoughts ~ which I would like to share with those who are lucky enough to have that "special someone":

I think moments like this are made for complete silence, leaning head-to-shoulder and just holding the coffee cup, letting the coffee grow a little colder, with not a word spoken nor a sound made, listening to the waves and maybe a cry from a bird now and then. Now, with the coffee completely cold, how should the mind return to reality?

The sun is up.

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