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Just by chance, a sudden glance, and you came into view.
In a crowded room of make-pretend, a brand new friend...
Then I looked at you and a thousand dreams came true.

I must have blushed, then sent a smile that beamed across the room
It seemed so very right, because in just a little while you came to me
and said "Hello, will you dance with me tonight?"

My heart was pounding breathlessly and I was sure you knew.
When the music played I took your hand and I could barely stand.
Then the whole room seemed to disappear, except for me and you.

I never meant for this to be. I warned my heart to hide from view!
I tried to fend for both of us. If I'd only known that I could
fall in love, again, with emotions so brand new!

I always thought love was a fairy tale--meant for just a few.
Hiding-out was me in EwaNevaland, and no one had a clue.
This fantasy has come to life, now what do we do?
When you came into my life tonight,

A thousand dreams came true!

©1996 Hillary Sadur (for a special friend)

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