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Tommy Angel

Hes the silvered sandy strands of beach
That I walk in so much bliss
Hes in the first fresh morning dew
that wakes earth with a kiss
Hes my Tommy Angel

Hes with me everywhere
Hes in the warm bright rays of sun
That come to bring me cheer
Hes in the soothing evening breeze
That comes when day is done
His memories give me the strength
To call life's battles won...

Hes the reassuring shadow
That follows every day
Hes the one whos always glad
To hear each word I say.

Hes the gentle rolling waves
That greet me from the sea
Hes here, but none can see him.
He is only here for me!

He waits sometimes beyond the moon.
I hear him call my name
He knows I see beyond the stars.
Our love remains the same...

Hes now in charge of happiness.
In Heaven that is free
His wings are full of golden specks ~
Hes saved a pair for me!

He waits out in the galaxy
There, just beyond the sea ...
...When hes not busy coming here
To watch and comfort me.

Yes, hes my Tommy Angel
Hes with me everywhere
Hes in the first warm rays of sun
Sent to bring me cheer.

(My Dearest Tommy Angel ~
Yes, I know that you are here! ~ hs)

©1998 Vickey Stamps for her "forever friend", Hillary

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